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"I remember my name, my name is Thomas!" [x]

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…and this weeks award for brilliant gif use….

I have been laughing at this for the past 5 minutes.

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In the original movie, Teen Wolf, the teen wolf played basketball.

In the tv show, Teen Wolf, the teen wolf plays lacrosse.

But Derek, the wolf who was a teen when his world fell apart, plays basketball.

This is why I always ask who really is the Teen wolf…because Derek was 19 I’m the pilot.

Also Peter played basketball heyy


There’s been a lot of meta about Stiles being something other than human and if those theories are right I’m positive that his (real) name has a big part in it, one way or another. We know that characters’ names in TW have foreshadowed things about them before (ex.: Jennifer and Liam) and I believe that Jeff has a reason not to reveal Stiles’ first name yet. He doesn’t keep mysterious recurring themes for nothing, as he proved with the difference in werewolves’ eye color.

That being said, I also have a theory on what that reason is: Stiles is (kind of) Rumpelstiltskin.

Not that Rumpelstiltskin who likes to eat babies, just the same type of creature. I’ve seen a few AU!fics about it before but I think it can actually work in canon. This theory is heavily based on these brilliant posts by darachmoon about Stiles’ power of belief/desire/wishing. I recommend reading those first because I’m gonna mention them here.

Now I’m gonna put this under a readmore because it’s getting pretty long.

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There’s been a lot of meta about Stiles being something other than human and if those theories are right I’m positive that his (real) name has a big part in it, one way or another. We know that characters’ names in TW have foreshadowed things about them before (ex.:…

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Like, okay, when Gerard was threatening Stiles (before beating him up, DAMN YOU TO AN AGONIZING DEATH, GERARD), Stiles was super-protective of Boyd and Erica. He assured their safety first, before even bothering to bargain/plead for his own. Real pack mom…

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My friend Dev (she’s not in the tw fandom) found this fucking coke






where derek gets a coke and is like, contemplating how he can share it and like stiles is like


and tries to steal it or buy it off derek

who misconstrues and thinks stiles is soliciting him for sex

and like





Derek should be offended. He really really should, but he can’t help feel a little bit smug for…


"How much? Seriously, if it’s reasonable, I’ll pay it," the cute guy repeats and he just looks at Derek excitedly.

He knows it’s not the guy’s fault. Derek was turning on a corner, coming back from the grocery shopping, and ended up bumping into someone - his things ended up everywhere. And then the guy - cute moles, whiskey eyes even under the bad light, messy blowjob hair, lean muscles - grabs one of Derek’s just bought cokes and snaps his head up just looking at Derek with want, saying “how much?”

Derek gets it. He does. He was in a corner and he’s only wearing skinny jeans and a tight black shirt with a lot of holes on it and it’s freaking midnight. He probably does look like a hooker who stopped for a dinner break, considering that his groceries most included sodas and snacks. (And not to be cocky or anything, Derek works out. He knows what he looks like, alright. He might be shy, but he doesn’t lack on self-confidence.)

"Uh," Derek is able to form, when his brain starts working again, because cute guy wants to bone him "I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to do that for money.”

Derek decides to ignore his blush. He is not blushing. And he’s most definitely not thinking that the guy’s frown is cute. Nop.

"Couldn’t you just give it to me, then?" Cute guy says teasing, but he sounds so hopeful and Derek wants to yell hell yeah, I would love to give it to you right here right now, but that would probably go bad; the guy is picking up hookers at a Wednesday night - Derek gets attached and cute guy  just wants to fuck around.

"I think you’re really cute, but I can’t. Sorry."

"Why not?" Oh man, cute guy has a really nice confused face. "You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for this, dude!" He even shakes Derek’s coke for emphasis "It has been months and I tried emailing an order for one, ya know, but apparently the minimum is a hundred of them at once and I’m thirsty for it, but not that thirsty! I mean, I thought about throwing a party and just sharing them all, but I thought it might be awkward later? Like, I’ve drank your…”

"I got it!" Derek hurries to interrupt and he’s blushing and ohmygod, he doesn’t know if he’s grossed out or turned on (since when Derek finds orgies hot? This guy is doing things to him!),because apparently cute guy almost paid for a thousand hookers and now is just begging for Derek. “I… I’m flattered that you’re asking it for me, really, but I…”

"I’ll give you a hundred bucks!" Cute guys just cuts him, like he wasn’t even listening. "Just, please…

Suddenly, Derek doesn’t feel so flattered anymore, because—-

"Only a hundred bucks? Seriously?

"I think that’s way more than fair!"

Excuse me?

"If it was the opposite, how much you think I’d charge you?"

"I don’t know!" Derek yells, "I already said I find you cute! I wouldn’t… But if I would, you’re worth at least a thousand!"

Cute opens his mouth, but abruptly shuts it.  ”Did you just say I’m worth a thousand?”

"Not you," he sighs, because he’s already completely red again, "a night with you, like… you know what I mean."

"Uh," cute guy is looking at him like Derek’s completely insane "I don’t think I do. Sooo, let’s make this clear: I was trying to buy your coke, because it has my name on it and you have no idea how hard it is to find a can that says Przemyslaw.”

Derek looks at the coke on cute guy’s - Przemyslaw - hands and…


Oh holy fuckin—-This is awkward.

"Now, please enlighten me with your version of the facts," he continues, because apparently he’s putting things together and enjoying Derek’s embarrassment.

"I… I thought you thought I was a hooker." Przemyslaw just burst out laughing and Derek wants to die. He does. Please bury him. Now. He doesn’t need to go through this shit, he… "Have the can. I’ll just…" kill myself somewhere else.

"Oh no. I get why you thought that… Now that I am replying our conversation, I can see my mistake. How much. Geez, I’m sorry to harass you. Not that it was my intention.”

"It’s fine. I was the one who got everything wrong." Because of course cute guy doesn’t want to sleep with him. Derek has no luck with his love life. "Look, Przemyslaw, I…"



"My name. Stiles. Well, everyone I know call me Stiles. Actually, only three people even know my real name. Well, four now.” Prz… Stiles said smiling. Derek only nodded. “And I know you just said I could have it, but wouldn’t you want to share a coke with me, like it says right here?”

"I thought you were offering me a hundred bucks for sex." Derek blurts out.

"And that’s hilarious. You’re the only person I ever heard saying my name properly. I can’t let you go now." Derek huffs, feeling himself blush again. "Besides, word is on the streets you find me cute."

"I thought you weren’t paying attention to what I was saying."

"Pfff, please. You think I’m worth at least a thousand bucks. I’m keeping you."

Derek rolls his eyes. “Don’t get too excited. Let’s share that coke first, shall we?”

They share the coke. And, in the end, Stiles does keep him.

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I’ll fix these broken things
Repair your broken wings
And make sure everything’s alright

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Teen Wolf cast + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Ben and Thomas vs. the goofballs Chris and Dylan

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You’re still a person of interest.

An innocent person.

Their shameless flirting.

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