Dylan’s like a cute little puppy looking for attention and Hoechlin’s working hard pretending to ignore him.


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Could you imagine having a truck load of these, and suddenly a pallet full tips over?  A whole pallet full, making that noise.  At once.

She can’t see the landscape anymore
It’s all painted in her grief


Teen Wolf 0412 - Smoke and Mirrors
exactly what happened

Anonymous: Do you think Stiles knows that he is Derek's anchor and was able to help him while the were in the van? Or perhaps since they have known each other for so long and their relationship has evolved? (Much like Derek haha!) Or a combination of both? Thanks!



This brings us back to the anchor scene in 3b that i really really really wanted a callback to this season. I’m crossing my fingers we will get it in season 5 instead. i know a lot of the other meta writers have commented on this already, but the second half of the finale was choppy and weird and reeks of a hasty rewrite. I do agree with sterekmeta and others who suggested this might be because they were green lit for a 20 episode season 5 and needed to stretch some of the storylines out, like scott’s dark arc and sterek.

anyway, back to the point - the anchor scene is derek’s “dreamscape” - where he escapes to when Kate shoots him and his safe place is with stiles. So basically we can assume that this is all just in Derek’s head and stiles has no knowlege of this.

except one thing - the fingers. we know about the fingers and how counting them can tell you if you’re awake or not. scott knows this, because stiles told him. but how does derek know? he hasn’t talked to stiles all season and i doubt he and scott took the time to sit down for a chat about that during all the hoopla with the oni and the possessed!stiles causing chaos, strive and pain. so how does derek know this? Either he had the knowledge prior - but it’s very peculiar that both he and stiles will resort back to this trick. But we can’t rule it out. we have theorized that stiles may be dreamwalking. And with all his weird abilities this might be possible, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t remember doing it, because otherwise he’d alerted them all earlier that something was amiss. Instead it is scott that finds the bullets in Derek’s loft and they realize he is missing.

Personally i don’t think Stiles knows he’s Derek’s anchor. But Stiles have been anchoring people left and right all season and as he states himself - he has a bit of practice with it. He did it with Malia in the basement of Lydia’s lake house, he did it with Lydia at Eichen house and he did it for Liam now in the van. Stiles seems to be a balancing force that manages to help supernaturals find the golden middle between human and creature. And i do think this is something he’s good at because of his abilites as well - he believes he can do it, and he usually can.

But what Stiles and Derek clearly have is trust - and that is why Stiles is able to help Derek in the van - because derek trusts him - they are equals in this scene, both human but more than that derek knows what stiles can do. he’s been witness to many of stiles’ impossible feats and is one of the few who knows and keeps his secrets. The keyword here is trust, which basically is what anchoring is all about. so yes, it’s because of how their relationship has evolved.

Season 4: Quotes by Episode: Stiles Stilinski
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ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴄʜᴏᴏѕᴇ —  ᴅᴇᴩᴜᴛу ᴩᴀʀʀɪѕʜ ᴏʀ ᴄᴏʀᴀ ʜᴀʟᴇ
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Dodge Challenger SRT

Anonymous: Are you feeling positive about the finale now?


I am nonnie. I mean hey, I’m human, I had high expectations and jumped the gun a bit, and because we’re all so conditioned to expect the worst when it comes to queer representation I panicked that TPTB chickened out at the last minute. The thing is, the foreshadowing and visual imagery seemed to point to Derek being our “sleeping beauty”, a damsel to be rescued, but that wasn’t the point of the season at all. Stiles was his knight, but not in the way we expected. You could argue this is a prime example of the damsel trope subverted, where the princess saves herself. While the fairytale imagery and parallels still apply, Derek’s arc this season was him going through Bardo, therefore we couldn’t have a scene where Derek was “awoken with a kiss” from the sleeping beauty/snow white stories, because Derek had to save himself.

Stiles helped him on his journey, as did Satomi (reminding him of Talia, and how she came to accept her anger, and know when to unleash it: “I may have learned to control my anger, but I still know when to use it.”), Braeden (a healthy sexual partner that didn’t end in death or betrayal - he also refused her offer of a weapon in the finale), Peter (Derek rejected Peter and Peter’s reliance on power, and sided with the Stilinskis twice), Stiles (his previous anchor, Stiles offers him pack/family by working together to help Liam. He also offers Derek a new anchor in the form of a healthier mantra, “the sun, the moon, the truth”, and that anchor is Derek himself).

So that’s why we didn’t get our Leia rescuing Han scene, which appeared to be foreshadowed with all the Star Wars parallels. Scott was technically our “Han in carbonite” Stiles referred to, and Liam was his Leia, but we were a chapter too early with the Sterek. Derek’s trip through Bardo wasn’t about Sterek, it was about him. Now Derek is free to move on with his life and earn his title as one of the protectors of Beacon Hills. Stiles is nearly there too, but he’s still a step behind. He still has to come out of the closet both supernaturally and bisexually, that looks like the last step in the sterek narrative and I’m hoping S5a will bring that to fruition (alongside Scott’s dark arc), while s5b sees them as a fully functioning couple. In fact, considering the promo picture, I think that’s the importance of Stiles last, long drawn out pause as he looks back at Derek in the finale. That was his realisation, his admittance to himself that Derek means something to him. And the reason I think that is the promo photo for the season.

Look at it, everything has come true.


Lydia with her eyes on Scott is foreshadowing the beginning of his Dark Arc. It’s very telling that she was the one who made the speech about Scott not being a monster. Malia and Liam are our Luke and Leia, which makes me wonder more and more if they aren’t related. Derek and Stiles are mirror images turning towards each other. Their arcs have closely mirrored each other. Derek’s completed his passage through Bardo and been reborn, and Stiles is hovering on the last stage of his own “rebirth” (coming out as a supernatural other and bisexual). This isn’t a shipper goggles thing, Derek and Stiles’ arcs don’t actually work without their connection. If it were any other show I’d struggle believing it, but this is absolutely deliberate and it needs to pay off next season.


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