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psst we’re still in the lead but keep voting!!

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Hello Comic Con!! @i_love_harveys & Sprayberry (x)


Hello Comic Con!! @i_love_harveys & Sprayberry (x)






Every time I think of the black market, I actually imagine a market, with little stalls selling illegal things like nuclear weapons and organs.



"QUICK THE COPS ARE COMING!" *everyone frantically tries to collapse their trestle tables*

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How come we haven’t seen agent McCall poking his nose into these new mysterious murders?

Does he even have a job at this point? Or anywhere else to go? If he really wanted to fix the house he could probably pay someone to do it — assuming he still has a…

Agent McCall will be back next week. He’s likely with Scott running to help the sheriff. Here’s the twitter conversation that backs it up.

There’s another snipped of a Twitter conversation that leads me to believe that Agent McCall knows that or learns that Scott is a werewolf next week.

…oh, as for the why he hasn’t been around besides “casting cost money” and all? My guess is that he’ll be back to investigate the murders that the orphans were committing or that he’s followed them to Beacon Hills somehow.

In an answer to one of asks you said that Stiles could be "possibly a Leshy"? Could you explain why you think that? Why Leshy?





Okay, let’s start by saying this is one more thing that came out of the metagroup. We were tossing ideas back and forth and I’m pretty sure Athena ran Leshy down.

So, what have we got- 

1: Stiles is some kind of Fairy. Or at least partly fairy. Why? The name thing is actually a huge hint. (Fairies try and keep their names secret, because if you know it’s true name, you have power over it.) But the Spark- fairies are often associated with sparking lights. The innate ability to do magic. Few other things, but we think fairy.

2: Polish Fairy. We believe that the fairy stuff came from his mother’s side. Because the Sheriff is obviously not Magic, and because So Many Hints have been dropped about Claudia. We know that Stiles was named after Claudia’s father. So, with the reaction of people to Stiles’s name when they see it (the Coach, the MRI doctor) we’re thinking it’s probably a name of Eastern European, possibly Slavic origins.

3 Leshy. So according to Wikipedia (Yeah, I know) Leshy are male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests.  

Okay, good enough. What else does it say?

A Leshy usually appears as a tall man, but he is able to change his size from that of a blade of grass to a very tall tree. He has hair and a beard of living grass and vines, and is sometimes depicted with a tail, hooves, and horns. He has pale white skin that contrasts with his bright green eyes. A Leshy has a close bond with the gray wolf, and is often seen in the company of bears as well. He is the Forest Lord and carries a club to express that he is the master of wood. He has blue blood, which gives his cheeks a blue tinge. Legend describes him as having a red scarf and his left shoe on his right foot. He also, is known to have no shadow.As a human, he looks like a peasant with glowing eyes, and his shoes are on backwards.

Let’s see now:

  • Pale Skin? Check
  • Bright eyes? Check
  • Wearing Red? Check
  • Close bonds with wolves? Check
  • Has been known to sire children with moral women? Check

I suspect that more accurately we could say that Stiles is likely a leshonky or child of the leshy. There’s more, stuff about using and teaching magic and being mischievous. And I’m sure other people will add on to this, but it’s another of a start.

add into this that he’s never said he’s human. The biggest example is in the most recent episode where he answers “what are you now?’ not with human, but with ‘…better…?” it’s meant as a joke but it’s combined with him saying he’s an abominable snow man, and 147 pounds of pale flesh and fragile bones. Creative, funny, but that’s stiles his personality. He’s never called himself a human. 

Heh. Best of all? The leshy carries a club. And despite knowing people who could provide him with state-of-the-art weaponry, Stiles still carries his bat everywhere. They even make a point of having Lydia call it out. :D


"As you’ll see next week, trying to figure out that last word, is a big deal. For actually Stiles and Lydia next week - That’s their story."

— Teen Wolf writer Ian Stokes teasing next weeks episode ‘Orphaned’ on AfterBuzz TV (x)

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Sorry I think I missed some conversation but why is Scott biting Derek such a bad thing??







If I were a better person, it wouldn’t be.

But I’m not. I’m petty and I still resent how Derek spent season 1 and 2 trying to help Scott and being rebuffed and insulted at every turn. 

I think Derek a better person than Scott. I think he’s a better Werewolf than Scott and I think he’s a better Alpha than Scott. (Your milage may vary) 

So Scott giving Derek the bite would make Scott Derek’s alpha, and would take them from being pretty much equals to Scott having authority over Derek. 

Anyone who’s ever trained the person who became their boss knows this situation. It sucks. 

And don’t get me wrong. Derek has such a loving and forgiving heart, he’d probably be okay with it. He’s a better person than I am. But I would find it a very bitter pill to swallow. Certainly it would be better than him being dead, and if that’s the choice, then bite away. 

But as an overall solution? Not a fan.

For me, it’s all of this plus more. 

I don’t think it’s that Derek is a better person, I think it’s that he literally doesn’t consider himself important enough to worry about. 

The problem with Scott having power over Derek isn’t that Scott isn’t aware that he did something terrible and unforgivable by violating Derek’s bodily autonomy, it’s that DEREK doesn’t realise, or, and I think this more likely, doesn’t care that Scott did that too him because he doesn’t believe that his emotional, mental and physical well being is of much import.

Everything within the show shows that Scott doesn’t value Derek as a person. He may have got to the point of either valuing Derek’s knowledge or using what he has said/done for his own ends, but he’s never cared about DEREK as a PERSON.

Someone who sees you as less than human shouldn’t have any power over you.  

The way Scott treats Derek reminds me strongly of how Scott treated the twins.  Friendly enough, but mostly about how useful they can be. 

I’m trying to think if we’ve ever seen Scott as hostile to anyone as we saw him be to Derek in S1/2, but I’m having trouble.  Maybe Jackson, when he thought he was going to ‘steal’ Allison?  Sort of when he threw Isaac into the wall, but then they were fine both before and after.  Sort of Stiles, with that full moon rage thing when he tried to kill him?  I don’t think Scott’s been as defiantly oppositional with even the actual villains as much as he’s been with Derek.

I don’t know, maybe I’m remembering wrong because I’m pissed at Scott.  If anyone wants to help me out with counterexamples, feel free.

I certainly can’t think of any. 

He’s not even all that hostile to Peter, who is the person who actually did all the stuff he accused Derek of doing in the beginning of S1. 

He’s not that hostile to Gerard and Gerard threatened to kill Melissa. Sure, he plotted to kill Gerard, but he never seemed to have the same kind of hatred as he holds for Derek. 

He didn’t even give Matt that much shit and Matt was all kinds of creepy stalker on Allison. 

Kate didn’t really seem to bother him and she murdered at least an entire family. 

He ended up tolerating the twins and acting bemused that Cora might try to kill Aiden for what he did to Boyd. 

And even his rage with Jackson and him throwing Isaac into a wall (twice. I’m never letting that go) and even nearly killing Stiles were all momentary things. They didn’t last and they didn’t colour the way Scott treated them (or, in the case of Stiles and Isaac, how Scott treats them). 

Yes, yes, and yes again.

Now I’m not going to lie, I *am* forever angry with Scott because he did a terrible – and yes, as far as I’m concerned, unforgivable - thing, because I feel that there’s just some lines that you should never cross, and when you do, there’s no going back from that. What Scott did to Derek was such a thing. It’s not about beating each other up or a few broken bones or a lie here or some petty betrayals there (which they’ve both dealt out in equal parts). All of that you can work through and get over. But Scott crossed a line, and by doing that, he’s made it impossible for me to trust him with Derek ever again. I can see them being allies, I can see them being sort of friendly. But I’ll never again *trust* Scott with Derek. Not because I’ve made the conscious *choice* not to, but because I just don’t.

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@jimhalterman Starting the morning off right with Teen Wolf’s @tylerl_hoechlin and @tylergposey. #sdcc #teenwolf 

@jimhalterman Starting the morning off right with Teen Wolf’s @tylerl_hoechlin and @tylergposey. #sdcc #teenwolf 

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no but remember how derek taught scott how to be a werewolf

imagine scott having to teach derek how to be human

#no derek you’re not dying #you just have a cold #you just need to take some medicine #becAUSE THAT’S WHAT HUMANS DO TO RID ILLNESS DEREK

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do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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Keeping running. Just don’t stop.

Keeping running. Just don’t stop.

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