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my hand slipped

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TMI but

this dude I was talking to in a FRIENDLY manner a while ago like made a comment about how attractive I am or what have you so I was like ”lmao well thanks” and then he was like ”yeahh I just came and said your name that’s how attractive I think you are” (mind you he literally has only seen my fb profile picture) and I kinda ignored him but then he just wrote me again and it’s been like a month but I just changed my hair and he told me he liked it so I said ”haha thank you” and he was like ”well thanks for laughing at me” and I was like ”I’m not laughing AT you” but then he was like ”well you know how much I liked your pictures last time~~” and I did say ”haha how could I forget” aND THEN SENT LIKE 4 DICK PICS??? like how is that a proper way to talk/respond to someone who honestly isn’t being flirty at all to you just trying to be CIVIL???

but like I might see this dude in a few weeks IRL @ an event we’re both going to so should I ignore him again or should I just be like ”you can like my pics all you want but please don’t send me that shit again??” lmao

guys are gross

this is literally the second time I’ve had this happen to me this year, once before it was a dude at work that had added me on facebook, liked my pictures, tried to hang out and I literally told him no thanks I wasn’t interested like that then he wanted to just hang out as friends but how he asked made it seem was like I owed it to him to hang out as friends if I didn’t want to go on a date or anything and then one day he got drunk and said all this sexual shit to me in a message and I ignored him and then he said ”oh god I’m so sorry I was drunk you know how that is~~~” and I accepted his apology (more like a ”lol it’s okay whatever”) and then he did it AGAIN and I unfriended him and then the next time I saw him in person he called me a bitch LIKE WHAT?? it’s not like we were on a dating site, where maybe I’d give him some slack b/c we’re BOTH tryin’ to get some but you came onto me on the //privacy// of my own FB page, you don’t get to say anything you want to me on it and then when I take you off of it act like I did something to //you//

I literally only talk friendly to these guys, the occasional ‘haha’ or ‘hehe’ but nothing that suggests anything idg them

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Q: What was the most difficult scene you filmed?

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Wait! What’s this?


Do you see it yet?


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ PORN

[x] [x]

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@emmyrossum: Tuesday morning with the Milkovich clan. #SHAMELESS @SHO_Shameless #gallavich #MickeyAndIan4ever


@emmyrossum: Tuesday morning with the Milkovich clan. #SHAMELESS @SHO_Shameless #gallavich #MickeyAndIan4ever

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Okay Teen Wolf Fandom, Supernatural Fandom, Sherlock Fandom, Oitnb Fandom, repeat after me:

- Criticizing a character/actor who is poc isn’t racist.

- Criticizing a character/actress who is female isn’t misogynistic.

- Criticizing a character/actor who is queer isn’t queerphobic.

Connecting a fault you think they have with the fact that they’re poc/female/queer is the problem.

- Criticism isn’t hate.

I’m not sure how this is still being confused, but whatever.

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”No one has ever survived a night in the Maze.”

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Allison / Aiden / Derek

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Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, they’re all romantic interests.

If one’s a coincidence, and two’s a pattern, what’s three?

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You still think the Sterek "scene" wasn't bait? We got more Dalia than Sterek...



because it’s another ep where the sterek was in what was unsaid, not said, which sounds like pandering

derek fixated on stile whilst he was holding down brett, his eyes were on stiles completely and Stiles saw enough to see that something was wrong with Derek, they fell into a pattern that suggested that they had been together for years, not apart for months

then look at stiles’ face when he learned derek was the third name, he was angry, he got that nogitsune look the one that promises violence

so yes, there was a lot of sterek